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Good English is a three-sister rock band based out of Dayton, Ohio that has built its unique sound on a bedrock of grunge, garage-pop, and punk-influenced rock and roll. The sisters, Elizabeth, Celia, and Leslie Rasmussen, have been playing out together in bars, taverns, theaters, galleries, and festivals since they were in junior high and high school, performing original music and entrancing audiences along the way. With vocal and instrumental comparisons spanning an enormous spectrum… part Nancy Sinatra, part Karen O, part Sleater-Kinney part Black Sabbath, the dark rich vibe the band is channeling is a haunting and engaging revitalization of post nineties rock and roll. 

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Fall 2015 Singles

by Good English
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Dressed in all black, Good English were hell on heels until the last note of their set... These three are the real deal, and if they keep heading down this path then a bright future awaits.

- The Fire Note

This three-sister garage pop band won me over with a raucous set of ear candy at this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival, but they already had a fan checking out their set from backstage in Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. Singer-guitarist (and big sister) Liz Rasmussen’s vocals range from honey-sweet to a raging yawp, and the rhythm section of Celia and Leslie Rasmussen lays the foundation for songs that stick in your head like bubblegum to your shoe.

- Columbus Alive

Dayton band Good English adds a unique wrinkle to the typical Gem City brothers in arms story - brothers in arms, in fact, would be incorrect in this instance, given that the core of Good English is a family of sisters.

The Dayton City Paper





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